Being better. We take that to heart… not just with regard to producing our products, but also in trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Many of the decisions we make at our state-of-the-art factory help us do two things: create a higher-quality product, and help us reduce our impact on the environment. We believe both of these are extremely important. Here is a list of the ways we achieve these goals.

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  • Have a special cloth system that collects copper dust to maintain cleanliness as well as utilize our special copper recycling program.
  • Utilize a factory-wide camera system that allows us to review processes and helps maintain accuracy.
  • Created a custom guiding system to eliminate unnecessary twists in the wire-making process.
  • Factory is completely networked and can be viewed and operated from an iPad anywhere in the world. 
  • Use the heat from our machines and water chillers to keep the factory warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Maintain our high quality with a testing facility that goes above and beyond industry standards.


  • All of our floors are a high-grade epoxy used on submarines, naval ships, etc., to brighten floors, prevent us from needing steel plating, and provide a cleaner work environment for our employees.
  • All of our lighting is motion-sensored, so lights shut off after 15 minutes of no motion to save electricity.
  • Direct Manufacturing's Flex-A-Prene® cable was the first in the industry to meet SAE approval J1127, ensuring the proper amount of copper in the cable. LEARN MORE-->